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New Mexico's choice for alcohol server training.

Certified by NM RLD Alcoholic Beverage Control Division

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We provide the most thorough and accurate alcohol server training available in New Mexico.

To sign up for a class:

Please read ALL of the information on this page before you begin.

  1. Click Here To Register for the day and time of your choice.
  2. Click Here To Pay ($35.00 Credit or debit card) or Bill Your Employer (only available for prearranged billing agreements)
  3. Complete the Server Permit Application Information.
  4. Send a picture of your ID by text to (505) 715-0003, or email to

(Please complete ALL FOUR items no later than the day before class. See below regarding late registrations.)

Before the class, you will receive by email:

  1. The New Mexico Alcohol Server Permit Application, with instructions for ink or electronic signature. Please sign and return the day before class, or sooner.
  2. A class outline with key information. Please print this information for reference during the class.
  3. A link to attend the class. Click the class link at your scheduled class time.

That's it! You will have your New Mexico Alcohol Server Permit soon!

Classes are available every day.

Thank you, we hope to see you in class soon!

Important Information:

Frequently Asked Questions about the live webinar:

Question: Can I take the class on my smartphone or tablet?

Answer: A desktop or laptop computer is strongly recommended. You may have difficulty reading a smaller screen. The chat feature in the class may be more difficult to use. The battery may not last the entire length of the class. Some older devices may not be supported. Computers with internet access are often available for use at public libraries. You may use your employer's computer or borrow a computer from a friend or family member, but you must use your own email address for the class. If you have no option other than a smartphone or tablet, make sure the battery is fully charged before class, and connect the charger during breaks. Make sure you have the Key Information printed for the class.


Question: How do I ask questions during class if I don't have a webcam or microphone?

Answer: All communication with the Instructor will be by telephone, text or email.


Question: What if I am not comfortable using a computer or working over the internet?

Answer: We recommend that you find someone who is experienced using a computer and the internet and have them show you the basics of how to use a mouse, navigate web pages and access your email account. If you have someone with you during the class to provide technical help, you yourself must understand all class information as it is presented and enter all required responses. The class Instructor may be available to assist you prior to the day of the class, but not immediately before the class. You must take it upon yourself to be prepared to participate in the class. Take some time to familiarize yourself and practice before the class.


Question: What if I don't have an email account?

Answer: You must have your own email account to participate in the live webinar class. You may not, under any circumstances, use your employer's email account to take the class. An email address on your employer's system is acceptable, as long as it is specific to you. Anyone can sign up for a free email account through Outlook (Microsoft), Gmail (Google), Yahoo, and many others. You may use the email account of a friend or family member, but it is not recommended. Be aware that your personal information will be sent to the email account that you use, and will remain there forever, even if the email is "deleted".


Question: What if I don't pass the exam?

Answer: You may retake the exam once after reviewing the class information with the Instructor. At this time, there is no charge to retake the exam. If you are not able to retake or pass the exam at that time, you will need to register and pay for another class.


Question: What if I pay, but then can't attend or complete the class?

Answer: If the class is cancelled, your payment will be refunded or applied to a later class, at your choice. If you miss the class for another reason, or do not attend the entire class, we will apply your payment to a later Live Webinar class (only one time, within 30 days). You will need to register for the later class, but you will not need to complete the other steps again. Be aware that the length of the class may vary. No refunds will be issued if you miss or do not complete the class, or do not pass the final exam.


Question: What if I don't want to send a copy of my ID over the internet?

Answer: We cannot issue a server permit without a copy of your ID. You can fax, email or text a photo of your ID. We are very diligent in keeping your information secure, and have never had a security breach.


Question: What if my employer is paying for the class and wants my permit sent directly to them?

Answer: Your server permit belongs to you, not your employer (just like your driver's license), even if your employer is paying for the class. Since it contains your personal information, we cannot provide it to anyone other than you without your specific permission. We will, as a courtesy, be happy to send a copy of your permit to your employer, or anyone else. You must make the request yourself, preferably by email, and let us know where to send your permit.

Certified by NM RLD

Alcoholic Beverage Control Division

David Parham - Provider #74 (505) 715-0003


New Mexico's choice for alcohol server training.

We provide the most thorough and accurate alcohol server training available in New Mexico.